Success is a continuous journey of redirection.
It is when we stop trying that we fail.


Everyone needs a hand to stay accountable

Hive is a brand which was born after identifying a need within business operations, and real estate in particular, for a platform upon which business owners and agents can turn to for support and guidance in all aspects of their growth and performance planning.

The “plus one” who will accompany you through the good times and bad, upon whom you can rely to keep you on track and focused on the bigger picture.

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Success looks different to everyone

There is no direct pathway to success and where most people struggle, is in not actually knowing what constitutes this success that they strive for. Without a predetermined outcome for your idea or goal and a system of action and accountability to get you there, it is almost impossible to achieve this “success”. Whether you are an agent or a business owner, planning out your journey to success is imperative.

Success isn’t always tangible - often it is a mindset, a feeling

With the right tools, knowledge, support and motivation we work with you to increase profitability, productivity and the overall growth of your business whilst continuing to keep you focused on your end goal.


Business Growth & Leadership

By exploring the possibilities of growth through leadership, strategy, culture and performance, you will be more effective in leading your team to a greater level of success and accomplishment. Very few of us perform at our best when we are overwhelmed. We can help you set up a strategy and structured that will include wellness & mindset and which will give you the confidence to keep moving.

Our business model allows you to work smarter not harder, to achieve more with less overheads and scale your business, always meeting your licensing and Compliance obligations.



As an agent, you are effectively running your own business within a business so we treat our training and mentoring the same – just on a smaller scale.

Whether new to the industry or a high performing agent looking to build a team, we can help you to build a recruitment or create a prospecting plan to leverage your skills and experience. We are not your traditional real estate coach and we do not preach the traditional approach of cold calling, door knocking and a script and dialogue - based approach to prospecting.

leadership team

Marnie Beauchamp

With over 28 years of real estate experience, the growth and sale of several successful agencies and a string of industry accolades, Marnie specialises in group sales coaching, leadership and business planning.

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leadership team

Mitchell Angel

With exceptional results as an agent specialising in residential and large rural sales, Mitchell's success led him to become the Business Growth and Development Manager for one of Australasia's largest real estate networks.

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At Hive Consulting Co, we work with business owners, agents and managers who want to get the most out of their business by implementing plans to scale up and thrive.

We are not a “one size fits all” mentoring Company, we offer a hands-on, personalised system which is tailored to suit your business.

Corporate Head Offices Franchise & Independent Groups
Licensed Agents & Associate Agents
Business Owners & Principal Agents

Admin, Sales Support & Reception
Property Managers, Leasing Officers & BDM’s
Experienced or New to the Industry

As a business grows, it is common that they find themselves increasing sales but not necessarily experiencing the additional profitability and the perceived success they imagined. Our focus is on increasing profitability, productivity and the overall financial growth of your business without increasing your workload or overheads.